Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You feel you have tried every diet or program out there without results or with unsustainable results.
  • You have spent hours at the gym, working hard to change your body but not seeing the changes you desire.
  • You have digestive issues, skin issues, chronic pain, headaches and weight loss resistance.
  • You feel you generallly know what to do but need accountabilty to follow through.
  • You get “hangry” easily if a meal is delayed, you need to eat first thing upon waking up or you snack constantly to maintain energy.
  • You constantly crave either sweet or salty carbs or have daily “comfort foods”.
  • You have a strong need for an alcoholic beverage on a daily or regular basis.
  • You are not sleeping well, waking up feeling tired and have low energy throughout the day.
  • You would like to improve your relationship with food, yourself and your body.
  • You are looking for a comprehensive health, wellness and weight loss program that will support lasting change and provide lifetime inclusion in a wellness-focused community.
  • You have been treated for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol with just a “Band-aid” approach (medication and medical interventions) and you would really like to address the root cause of these issues and reverse the disease.

If you answered “Yes ” to any of the above, You are in the right place! With my help and the support of the Transform Your Health Community , you will lose weight, regain your health and vitality, increase energy and joy, add years to your life and feel strong and sexy again.

I am Angie Gallagher

I want to help you fall in love with yourself and life again..

I have worked in the health and medical field for more than 25 years. I am a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Functional Medicine Wellness Coach. I hit my stride in life at the age of 50. I left a career where I was totally burned out, started a new career and ran my first Ultra Trail Marathon.

I am mentally and physically stronger than I have ever been before, I have learned what does and doesn’t work to truly establish foundational health and wellbeing and I want to share that with YOU.

Client Testimonials

real clients, real perspectives!

Angie has helped me a lot and I want other people to know she can help them too.

Carolyn Young

It’s not a diet, it’s a program to cultivate lifelong healthy food habits.

Andrea Thornberry

Working with Angie has been an amazing journey towards better health

Robynn P.

Angie Gallagher is an amazing wellness coach. I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs since October. I’m on track and didn’t gain them back even through the holidays

Jo Ann Yonamura

My attitude and overall health has improved and mentally I feel good about the work I’m doing on myself, so I can make the most out of today!

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