Heal Your Heart

In this comprehensive 6-month program. As a certified wellness coach, I am committed to supporting you on your journey to optimal heart health through personalized, evidence-based functional medicine coaching.

This program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to actively reduce hidden risk factors, improve heart health and enhance your overall health and well-being.

What sets this program apart is the holistic approach to heart health. I am aware that the heart is interconnected with other systems in the body, and addressing underlying imbalances and lifestyle factors is essential for longevity.

Personal Coaching Specific to You

Through a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, educational resources, and personalized action plans, we will collaborate in addressing the root causes of heart disease needed to promote sustainable wellness.

Personalized Assessment

We start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your heart health, including in-depth functional medicine testing to identify underlying imbalances and risk factors.


If you have weight to lose, you could lose up to 30-50 lbs over the course of the 6 month period. Unlike many weight programs, weight loss in this program will be sustainable.

Nourishing Whole Food Diet Plan

You’ll receive dietary recommendations tailored to reduce inflammation, optimize metabolic health and reset your metabolism. You will get a cookbook to go along with the program.

Lifestyle Modifications

We’ll explore lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep quality, physical activity, and other novel activities such as sauna and cold plunges to optimize cardiac and overall health and wellbeing. Based on your individual needs I may provide education on targeted nutritional supplements to support heart health and address specific deficiencies or imbalances.

Mind-Body Connection

We’ll explore techniques for stress reduction, balancing the nervous system, mindfulness, and emotional well-being to support overall heart health and enhance resilience.

Additional Elements of the Program

Personalized Coaching

10 1-on-1 coaching and education sessions targeted to improving cardiovascular health and reducing cardiovascular risk.

Weekly Live Q&A

Zoom sessions to gain further education and insights, support from others in the community as well as accountability.

Functional Lab Recommendations and Education

There are several lab values that provide important information in regard to cardiovascular risk and risk for chronic disease in general. Unfortunately most conventional medical providers are either unaware of these labs or uneducated in how to interpret them. In this program, you will learn about these labs and have the opportunity to get them done.

I provide resources and education on how to interpret them, however I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.


  • For tracking important longevity metrics
  • For review and optimization of sleep
  • For review and optimization of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), an indicator of nervous system balance, resilience and longevity.

Blood Sugar Tracking

  • I will send you a glucometer to track blood sugar.
  • Blood sugar balance is an important measure of metabolic and cardiovascular health
  • Using a glucometer, we can identify foods that your body metabolizes well and foods that it doesn’t.

Are you ready to heal your heart?

1-year, no interest payment plans:


Total price is $2,298. Structured as a 1-year, no interest payment plan.

$ 191 .5

/ month


This kind of commitment during the holidays is hard. So if you commit through the holidays, you will be eligible for a $300 holiday discount.

$ 191 .5 $ 166 .5

/ month


The hardship discount is 15% off, meant for those who need it. This includes individuals who want to commit, but are not be able to afford the normal price.

$ 163

/ month

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