“I am so happy to have worked with Angie Gallagher, of Heart Wellness Coaching!

I’ve had a lifetime of health problems and could not be diagnosed properly by general medical doctors. She has helped me a lot and I want other people to know she can help them too.

I’m feeling much better! More energy, clearer thinking, feeling more positive about life. Issues with skin and nails have improved. My digestion is nearly 100% better from when I would be doubled over in pain after eating.

I’m so glad to have worked with a Certified Functional Medicine Wellness Coach and learned there are some simple lifestyle remedies to feeling better.

Angie has been an inspiration for me & my healing. Thank you!”

Carolyn Young

“6 month post: I just had my annual medical check up and blood work done. My cholesterol is down 20 points! And lost 37 pounds! My blood pressure is bad to what it was 5 years ago. But what I am most proud of is how strong I feel. It is such a great feeling being able to run again and not feel winded, to look in the mirror and like what I see, and to feel healthy going forward to fully live my life. Thanks Angie! .”

-Rachel S

I’m halfway done with the 6-week release portion of the Heart Wellness Coaching program! For those into numbers, I’m down 18 pounds so far and very many inches. The release part of the program helps cut cravings, develop new habits, and reset the body and metabolism. The next phase is slowly reintroducing other healthy foods not part of the strict release. It’s not a diet, it’s a program to cultivate lifelong healthy food habits. If you’re interested, contact  Angie Gallagher to learn more. She is local but can also do distance. Having support makes all the difference! -Andrea Thornberry

Ready to make a positive change in your health? I fully recommend Angie Gallagher. I’ve done everything to fight for my health all of my adult life…and nothing stuck. I have kept that pesky 20-30 pounds off for over a year now and have really put some great life changes into practice. I have more to learn and new health goals to achieve, but love where I’m at right now! 

Thanks to  Angie Gallagher and her  Heart Wellness Tribe . I am improving my health with her coaching and motivation. I appreciate you and am so thankful for the changes I am making due to your confident, informed suggestions. I have lost 20 lbs, feel more energy, have less body pain and am hopeful of being healthy like this for life. 

 – Sara Ritner

If you want to kickstart your year, take a look at this!  Angie Gallagher is an amazing wellness coach. I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs since October. I’m on track and didn’t gain them back even through the holidays. It has helped with my lower back issues and clearer thinking. It’s hard work but taking care of yourself and your health is priceless.” – Jo Ann Yonamura.

“I just wanted to stay in contact and give you an update. Today I started the four week of the metabolism reset. My starting weight was 255, this morning I was down to 228.5 after three weeks. Thank you so much for your support and direction. I am so excited to find an eating plan that works.”  – Jason S.